The Year of Faith


Year of Faith

What does the Pope have in mind?

Faith, founded on our encounter with the Risen Christ,
can be rediscovered in its wholeness and all its splendor.
“In our days too faith is a gift to rediscover, to cultivate and to bear witness to” because the Lord “grants each one of us to live the beauty and joy of being Christians.” Pope Benedict XVI

Why will we hear about New Evangelization?

This year invites the faithful to understand more profoundly that the foundation of Christian faith is “the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction.” Pope Benedict XVI

Are the Bishops of the world going to gather again?

A synod of bishops is a gathering of many bishops from around the world, who meet with the pope to discuss questions about the Church in the world. In recent times they have been held about every 5 years. The Holy Father has called for the synod this fall to focus on New Evangelization.

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