Tribunal Office

Judicial Vicar: Very Rev. Anthony K. W. McLaughlin, JCD

Promoter of Justice:  Rev. Gavin N. Vaverek, JCL


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Marriage Cases


Advocates have been appointed around the Diocese of Tyler.

They will assist people in preparing a Petition for a Declaration of Nullity.

Map showing where Advocates are located:  click here

List of contact information for Advocates:  click here



Very Rev. Anthony K. W. McLaughlin, JCD

Rev. John Gomez, JCL
Rev. Christopher V. Ruggles, JCL

Defender of the Bond:
Rev. Gavin N. Vaverek, JCL

Other Canon Lawyers:
Fr. Lawrence Rasain, JCL    studying out of diocese for Doctorate

Auditor: Msgr. John Flynn

Administrator: Margaret Oppenheimer

Secrtary to the Tribunal: Teresa Tiscareno

Ecclesiastic Notaries:

Margaret Oppenheimer

Teresa Tiscareno

Fr. Hank Lanik

See Tribunal forms below.

You can check on the status of a case by contacting

Other ConcernsPromoter of Justice: Rev. Gavin N. Vaverek, JCL
E- mail:
Phone: (903) 266-2159


Note:  The Tribunal issued a new petition for Formal Cases that is bilingual.  Any copies of old forms should be recycled.

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