Safe Environment Program

2013-14    updated 8/22/2013

                       SAFE ENVIROMENT PROGRAM 2013-2014


                                          Questions can be addressed to Maria Flores, 903 534-1077 ext 188


The Diocese of Tyler "safe environment" program is conducted cooperatively with parents, civil authorities, educators, and community organizations to provide education and training for children, youth, parents, ministers, educators, volunteers, and others about ways to make and maintain a safe environment for children and young people. As part of this program, there will be frequent reminders of the Code of Ethics and Integrity for Conduct of Church Personnel in the Diocese of Tyler, which sets forth the standards of conduct for clergy and other persons in positions of trust with regard to children. For outline of Safe Environment Program click here




April is Child Abuse Prevention Month


As part of our ongoing efforts to create a safe environmnet, the Diocese encourages active participation in observing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. 

Blue Sunday The last Sunday of April will be observed as Blue Sunday.

Distribute ribbons or bookmarks to adults and young people.

National Missing Children's Day (NMCD),
annually commemorated on May 25, The National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children (NCMEC) and its partners are launching a "Take 25"
preventive safety campaign to encourage parents, guardians, educators,
law enforcement officers, and concerned citizens to take 25 minutes to
talk with children about ways to keep safer. NCMEC is working with
local, state, and national officials, public safety officials, the
clergy, community leaders, and businesses to make this national movement
successful. Watch for further information.

ARCHIVES - Prior years SEP materials

Resources for Parents/Guardians/Adults

January 2006: Suggestions for Parents of Minors

April 2008  Child Abuse Awareness Month : letter, intercessions, and flyer  

April 2014 Blue Sunday


Monitoring program: 

        Implementation of Safe Enviromnet Program

        Annual Participation Record


Decree from Bishop Strickland click here  

Letter from Bishop Strickland click here (English) click here (Spanish)



Promoting Child Safety

12 Things the Church Should KNow about Child Abuse

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Parish Records for Safe Environment Program

Safe Enviroment Training Program Right Relationships

Parents or Guardians of Households of Faith

Parish Faith Formation Leaders

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 Concepto de Relación Correcta: Amor Incondicional, Perdón y Reconciliación (Nivel Secundario)

Concepto de Relación Correcta: Amor Incondicional,  Perdón, y Reconciliación (Nivel Primario)

Concepto de Relación Correcta: Amor Incondicional, Perdón y Reconciliación (Nivel Secundario)

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  Other Resources:

Note: These sites are secular sites and so not all materials on them is appropriate for Catholic families.

Grooming:  Basic description of the grooming process

NetSmartz:  Good materials at various grade levels.

NetSmartzKids: Child friendly activity site

NS Teens:   Teen friendly site connected with NetSmartz

Coalition for children:  Materials for children safety

TX Attorney General:

Booklet on Child Abuse: .pdf  of booklet

State Crime Victims on Abuse:

Child Abuse Video from TX AG:  online video - This site has free downloads and inexpensive materials - This site has a lending library with some good materials