About the 2017 Appeal

This year, 2017, marks 30 years of fruitful ministry of our diocese. We have established a home in East Texas.

Our parishes and missions have a solid foundation upon which to grow. Now, we are turning the corner.

The families of East Texas need your support:

They need active youth and adult faith formation ministries.

They need strong priests to lead and care for their communities.

It’s time to think about our future. How do we want the next thirty years of the Church in East Texas to look?

Your support of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal assists the following programs and ministries:

Seminary Formation – 22%
Youth, Family, Faith Formation – 17%
Retired, Infirm, Diocesan-Assigned Clergy – 9%
Rural/Underfunded Parishes & Missions – 10%
Communications/Catholic East Texas – 10%
Clergy Formation – 7%
Tribunal & Canonical Affairs – 7%
Bishop’s Appeal Costs – 6%
Catholic Charities – 5%
Campus Ministry – 4%
Catholic Schools – 3%
Prison Ministry – 1%

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