For more information contact Maria Flores at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (903) 534 1077 ext-188.

Maria Flores is the primary contact at the Chancery for matters connected with implementing Ethics and Integrity.  Maria is bi-lingual and can help with issues concerning ACS, Safe Environment Program, Parish Contact Persons, and Parish/Mission complinance.

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Contact Persons for Ethics and Integrity

Why is the FFL or DRE not appropriate to have as the contact person?
The Diocese has said that this person can not be the FFL (or DRE), since the FFL already has direct responsibility to monitor the compliance of the catechetical programs. The Contact person should be seen as being a somewhat independent reviewer of the compliance in all aspects of parish/school life.

Where did the idea for a contact person come from?
The 2003 plan for Implementation of the Policy and Guidelines on Ethics and Integrity called for each Pastor/Priest-in-charge or the Principal to have primary responsibility to insure compliance in their community. Each Pastor/Priest-in-charge or Principal was also to name a contact person for reviewing and following up on implementing the policy. This person was to be a member of the Pastoral Council; If there was no pastoral council, then member of the finance council.

Would this contact person be responsible for compiance with the policy and guidelines?
NO, the Priest/Principal has primary responsibility. Further, all those involved with programs in the parish have committed themselves to comply with the policy and guidelines in the Code of Conduct which they signed. This contact person is to provide the parish/school with someone who is monitoring the compliance efforts.

Why do we need “another person involved”?
There needs to be someone at the local level who is keeping the local council and community informed of compliance in the parish/school. If there are any areas of question, that can bring those forward to insure they are addressed in a timely fashion. This contact person needs to be well trained, and personally aware of what the parish/school is doing. Their personal credibility is critical. The contact person should be able to publically say the parish/school is following the policy and guidelines. This is necessary to provide the transparency that the Charter calls for.