Liturgical Conference Audio Presentations Now Available

Audio from selected presentations at the 2014 Diocese of Tyler Liturgical conference is now available on the diocesan web site and via the Diocese of Tyler iTunes Podcast feed.

The presentations can be heard below on this page, or listeners may subscribe to “Diocese of Tyler” in the Podcast App on iPhones.

Additional presentations will be made available in October.

The Liturgical Year: It All Goes Back to Easter by Dr. Patricia Hughes
In the early church there was one feast: Easter. How have we moved from there to a complex cycle of feasts and seasons, solemnities, holy days, memorials, ordinary time? This workshop will unpack the development of the liturgical year and how we can make time sacred in our everyday lives.

Liturgy and Law by Fr. Gavin Vaverek, JCL
Worship of God is both a right and a responsibility. Church law helps foster full, conscious, active participation of all the baptized. This session offers a brief overview of Church law as it relates to our liturgical life

Liturgy and Spirituality: The Intimate Connection by Mother Susan Catherine Kennedy, DDH
Liturgy connects with our everyday lives. Our everyday lives have to connect with the Jesus, the Paschal Mystery. To make that connection, we need to anchor ourselves in the worship of the Church. Together we will explore the central role of the liturgy in nurturing our spiritual life.

The Lectionary and Jesus Preaching Through the Mass by Fr. Nolan Lowry, STL
Throughout the liturgical year, there is a solemnity or feast for just about every major event of Jesus’s earthly and heavenly life. Surprisingly, there is no feast of “The Preaching of the Lord.” This is because the readings of each Mass celebrate Christ’s preaching – not just an event 2,000 years ago, but to us here and now through the sacred liturgy. By encountering His words in prayer and liturgy, we are invited to allow them into our minds and hearts that we may be bearers of the word of God in the world.