New Podcast Announced by Communications Office

The Diocese of Tyler Office of Communications will begin producing a regular audio podcast with news, updates and interviews on a variety of topics from around the Diocese.

New episodes of the podcast, called Quo Vadis – Latin for “Where are you going?”, will be published monthly. The first episode is now available (click on the player below). 

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“Bishop Strickland’s energetic focus on evangelization was the inspiration and motivation behind this idea,” said Peyton Low, diocesan director of communications. “The Bishop has a strong desire for us to use all available tools to spread the message of Jesus Christ and His Church to the people of the diocese – Catholics and non-Catholics.”

“We wanted something folks could listen to in their car or while taking a walk around the neighborhood,” Low continued. “Obviously this is something new and we will continue to refine and improve, but we’re very excited about this concept and we hope it is something people will find informative and useful.”

The first episode of Quo Vadis features interviews with Dcn. John Fadely on the recent Hermanamientos Conference, Dan Onderko on the Catholic Campus Community of Tyler and Dcn. Fred Arrambidez on his new ministry and role as Vice Chancellor. 

Feedback as well as suggestions for topics and guests can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..