New Staff at John Paul the Great Campus Ministry

Dear Friends of St. John Paul the Great Catholic Campus Ministry,

Fr. Charles Vreeland is very happy to announce the hiring of Shannon DeCraene as Business Manager and Coordinator of Outreach for St. John Paul the Great Catholic Campus Ministry. Shannon is a native of the Diocese of Tyler, as she resides in Larue, TX. Shannon is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Art. Shannon has a history of leadership with thirty four years of experience in creative development and team management, mentoring, managing resources, developing process improvements, and creatively solving challenges. Her expertise with non-profit outreach ministry and volunteers will be vital to the growth and vitality of our Campus Ministry. With her passion for serving God and the Catholic Church, Shannon is going to be an outstanding asset to St. John Paul the Great Catholic Campus Ministry.

Shannon’s skills and expertise in outreach and marketing will allow the Fr. Vreeland the ability to teach, govern, and sanctify. As the chaplain, campus minister and primary teacher, in union with the St. Philip Institute, he will provide the teaching material, and Shannon will use her expertise to create impactful, effective, strategic communications to support the St. John Paul the Great Catholic Campus Ministry programs and events. She will be a resource to help harmonize Campus Ministry efforts with the Institute and other Diocesan initiatives.

Specifically, Shannon’s duties will include stirring greater interest and engagement with campus ministry events both at UT Tyler and TJC, developing new programs such as mentor programs, and super-charging the attractiveness, usefulness, and desirability of the existing programs such as Patriot Catholic, Catholic Underground and weekly Bible Study. She will be working to establish and grow relationships between the local parishes and the campus ministry, making the campus ministry more integrated and well-known, not only within the University, but amongst the parishes and entire Tyler community as well. Fr. Vreeland invites you to read Shannon’s bio.

Due to the needs of her family, our current Campus Minister Jodi Phillips has discerned that it is necessary for her to return home to Nebraska. She will leave the ministry to begin work in the Archdiocese of Omaha at the end of May.

As we enter into this new and exciting time, Fr. Vreeland thanks Jodi Phillips for her service to the ministry, welcomes Shannon, and asks for your continued prayers for our students.