Robin Perry Announced as New Principal of St. Gregory School

Tyler Catholic Schools delivers the highest quality educational experience, grounded in the Catholic tradition, to shape the whole person; mind, body, and soul, through the teachings of Jesus Christ. To reach this high standard we have to strive continually for excellence in our schools.

One major step we can take to ensure that we always have good leadership and a competitive edge for our schools is to unify the administration of our Catholic schools in Tyler. I believe the time has come for this step.

I am so very pleased with the work Robin Perry and her team has done at Bishop Gorman Catholic School, and during the discussions that have gone on about a principal for St. Gregory School, it has become apparent that we already have exactly what we need. She already has real experience as principal of a primary, elementary, middle, and high schools. Therefore, I am proud to announce this unification of administration and to announce that Robin Perry will be principal over St. Gregory School and Bishop Gorman School.

To assist Robin in providing smart leadership and to ensure that Tyler Catholic Schools remains at the top of the education market, I will constitute a new board that will focus on development, curriculum innovation, and strategy. I am happy that Robin has agreed to take this on, and I think her enthusiasm for this challenge is a good sign that we’re on the right track of forming young people from cradle to career for the road of life.