Sacred Heart in Rusk to Hold Mission with Fathers of Mercy

Sacred Heart in Rusk will hold a four-night mission featuring Fr. Jewel Aytona of the Fathers of Mercy order, Fr. Juan Carlos Rivera has announced.

The mission will be held from February 1-4, with confessions and adoration beginning each evening at 6 p.m., followed by the mission presentation at 7 p.m. Sacred Heart is located at 760 South Main St. in Rusk, Texas.

fr. jewel aytona cpm low resFather Aytona will present on topics including, “God, the Father of Mercies,” “Eucharist, Food for the Journey,” “Our Heavenly Mother,” and “Grace and Forgiveness.

The mission is open to the entire diocese.

The well-known Fathers of Mercy have been preaching missions since 1808, beginning in France where they were called to restore the Faith after the upheavals and persecutions of the French Revolution.   Their mission is to bring the Mercy of God to the prodigal children of our times.

For more information about the Fathers of Mercy, visit:

For questions about the mission, called Sacred Heart at 903-683-1862.