Bishop Issues Safe Environment Decree for 14-15

Bishop Joseph Strickland has issued a decree on the Diocese’s Safe Environment program to be effective for 2014-15.  The decree seeks to reinforce the Diocese of Tyler’s efforts to form a culture of awareness and prevention in which people of all ages know how to respond, prevent and seek out assistance for victims of abuse.

Highlights of the decree include:

  • Awareness Week: Sept. 22-28, 2014. All parishes and missions are asked to publicize the Church’s efforts to protect the vulnerable.
  • Instructing all Faith Formation programs to include material on the prevention of sexual abuse.
  • Directing that educational material be distributed to all families.
  • Prayer for Abused: Jan 10-26, 2015. All parishes and missions are asked to pray for those affected by abuse.
  • Child Abuse Awareness Month: April 2015. All communities will observe this month, including observing Sunday, April 24, 2015, as “Blue Sunday.”

To read the decree and for more information on the Diocese’s efforts, visit our Safe Environmentpage.