Our Mission: Retired Priests

This feature highlights how the 2015 Bishop’s Annual Appeal will assist retired and infirm priests in the Diocese of Tyler.  To learn more, visit dioceseoftyler.org/ourmission

Our priests in the Diocese of Tyler have come from all over the world, committing their entire life to the missionary fields of East Texas.

Many retire after years of service in the various parishes and missions of the Diocese and yet continue to serve communities. Others can no longer serve actively in a parish due to infirmity or advanced age.

All of them, however, need their Diocesan family for support.

The Appeal provides a safety net for extraordinary medical expenses for our priests, assists the priest’s pension fund, ensures retired priests have access to adequate housing, and provides funds for special services and therapy for priests recovering from major medical issues. Your gifts help fill the gaps and ensure that our priests, no matter their age, can joyfully continue to live out their vocation of service in a community.

Many supporters of the Appeal have witnessed the great devotion with which our retired clergy have built up the Church in East Texas from very humble beginnings. The Appeal serves as a small way to thank them for their many sacrifices.

Discover more here and join Our Mission by supporting our retired and infirm priests.

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