Our Mission: Seminarians

This feature highlights how the 2015 Bishop’s Annual Appeal will support seminarians and help build vocations in the Diocese of Tyler.  To learn more, visit dioceseoftyler.org/ourmission

“I fell in love with our Lord in adoration and in the liturgy.” These words come from Deacon George Elliott, a seminarian of the Diocese of Tyler who will be ordained to the priesthood this June in Tyler.

His response to God’s call and the response of all 11 of our seminarians to serve Christ in the priesthood are an inspiration. Their commitment to Christ and to the service of the Church is an encouraging sign for the future of our mission to evangelize, to bring people to Jesus Christ.

This is mission territory, and these soon-to-be missionaries of Tyler rely on the Appeal for the formation, education, and time to develop their talents and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Each year, your gifts to the Appeal provide the funds necessary to form and educate our seminarians. Your gifts afford them the chance to foster their vocation with the best formation possible during the long seminary process.

Beyond the formation of those we who are studying now, Appeal funds work to promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

The Appeal funds directly benefit the Vocations Office which provides counsel to seminarians and those discerning a vocation and to encourage young people locally to reflect on whether they might be called to the service of Christ in the priesthood or religious life.

Discover more here and join Our Mission by supporting our seminarians.

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