Finance Office to Host End-of-Year Seminars

The Diocese of Tyler Office of Finance will host two seminars to help parishes with year-end accounting and financial work.

The sessions will be held on Oct. 20 and Oct. 22 at the Diocesan Chancery in Tyler; parish representatives may attend either session.

There is no charge for the workshops and lunch will be provided.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to process 941 forms
  • How to process W-2’s
  • What information should be included on W-2’s
  • Who receives which form—1099 or W-2
  • Health Insurance
  • Reportable Health Care—Form 1095 (Filing Mandatory for Year End 2015)
  • Pension—Representative from Mutual of America

Registration is available online at:

Attendees can also print and fax the registration form (below).

For questions or more information, contact Karen Osteen.

Download (PDF, 160KB)


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