Bishop moves celebration of Chrism Mass to midday, March 22

TYLER – Bishop Joseph E. Strickland has changed the time of the Chrism Mass, celebrated during Holy Week.

The Chrism Mass will be celebrated March 22 at 11 a.m. in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, rather than in the evening as in past years.

During the Mass, Bishop Strickland will bless and distribute the sacramental oils to be used in the coming liturgical year: the oil of catechumens, used at baptism; sacred chrism, used at baptism and ordinations; and the oil of the sick, used in anointing of the sick.

“I have made the decision to change the format of the Chrism Mass day in order to help our priests with their responsibilities during the very busy days of Holy Week,” Bishop Strickland said. “The most significant change is that I have moved the mass to midday rather than in the evening.”

The change, Bishop Strickland said, was to ease the schedules of priests, who celebrate a number of evening Masses during Holy Week, and to accommodate those priests who must drive long distances from their parishes to Tyler.

“I realize this change may make it impossible for some of the laity to attend, but I want them to know they are very much welcome if they can attend,” the bishop said. “The blessing of the Holy Oils and renewal of priestly commitment which are highlighted at the Chrism Mass are beautiful moments for the faithful of the diocese to witness. I ask that all of the faithful remember their beloved priests on this special day even if they are not able to attend.”

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