Our Mission: Care for Retired Priests

This feature highlights how the 2016 Bishop’s Annual Appeal will assist retired priests in the Diocese of Tyler. 

“One of the things that I’ve noticed in the Catholic Church that really impresses me is the number of people who have come from all over the world—like priests from Ireland and India—to East Texas to minister to my family. And I feel strongly that we as the Church are their family and have an obligation to provide for them in their old age.”

These are the words of Bill Bellenfant, parishioner of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Tyler and dear friend of our retired priest, Monsignor John Brennan.

In fact it was the friendship and spiritual care of the Irish native, Monsignor Brennan, that brought Bellenfant to the treasure of the Catholic faith.

Bellenfant muses that “who would have thought that in my early years being raised Presbyterian, that in my later years my best friend would be an Irish priest?”

But for nearly 60 years, Monsignor Brennan was that friend for so many, providing a shepherd’s care while ministering to our families in East Texas.

Now Brennan and all our other retired priests need that same care in their old age.

Your support to the Appeal gives them the shepherd’s care they need in retirement, providing them a safety net for extraordinary medical expenses, assisting them with their pension fund, and ensuring they have a loving and adequate home. Your gifts make sure that our priests, no matter their age, can joyfully continue to live out their vocation as priests for Christ.

We as a Church are the families of these Retired priests. They were, and continue to be, our spiritual fathers. Now it’s our mission to care for them.

You can discover more here and join Our Mission by supporting our retired priests.

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