Our Mission: Rural Parishes & Missions

This feature highlights how the 2016 Bishop’s Annual Appeal will support Rural Parishes and Missions in the Diocese of Tyler. 

“God’s flock is in our midst; give it a shepherd’s care” (1st Peter 5:2).

Nowhere in East Texas are St. Peter’s words truer than in the beautiful, rural communities that make up so much of our Diocese. Here committed Catholics families meet in small wooden churches, storefronts, and old auto repair shops to hear the Gospel of Truth and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Yet, many of these rural parishes and missions lack the means necessary to support a priest.

It’s only through your support to the Appeal that the families of these communities receive the shepherd’s care that they need. Your gifts make sure that they have a place to worship and a priest to listen to them, pray for them, and provide them the grace of the Sacraments.

The faith of these families is an inspiration, and Bishop Strickland and the Diocese are determined to make sure the treasure of our Catholic faith is always alive and well in our rural communities.

You can learn more here and join in Our Mission by supporting these rural parishes and missions.

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