Christmas Message of Bishop Joseph E. Strickland

It is a joy to greet you as we celebrate, once again, the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ this Christmas.

As your bishop, it truly is a blessing and an honor to serve you throughout the year, living in the light of the Savior that we welcome during this blessed season.

The Incarnation of the Son of God that we celebrate at Christmas is the truth that radiates through all that we do as God’s people and in the life of the Church.

Every Christmas is an opportunity to be amazed once again, to enter into wonder, into the joy of knowing that God so loved the world, He’s given us his only begotten Son – that Son, born in Bethlehem, a tiny child who was Lord of the universe!

Hopefully, throughout the coming year we can be people of wonder, people of that truth; people of the marvel of God’s love…not just for the few days of the Christmas season, but throughout every day, becoming a world transformed because God has loved us so much.

Unto us a savior is born! In every year, we need that Savior and in the coming year we will need Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, more deeply in our lives and in the lives of our families.

Let us truly rejoice! With all the activities of Christmas, with all the Christmas carols – that hopefully are focused on what Christmas is about: celebrating this wonder of love – love Incarnate, God’s own Son. The Word of God come to dwell among us.

Christmas is an opportunity for all of us to renew our own commitment to Christ and to live more deeply the wonder of our Catholic faith. Especially, to live the journey of the Sacraments which are all, in their different facets, encounters with the Christ Child, with the Incarnate One who lived among us 2,000 years ago and continues to dwell in the world and in each of us.

Let us rejoice in our Catholic Faith that brings us the fullness of who Jesus Christ is. Not just a moment in Bethlehem, but a change for the World – God incarnate among us.

God bless you and your family, and let us rejoice in the Son of God!

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