Father Anthony Stoeppel appointed vicar general, president of Bishop Gorman

Bishop Joseph E. Strickland today appointed Very Rev. Anthony Stoeppel, STD, pastor of Our Lady of Victory Parish in Paris, Texas, as Vicar General of the Diocese of Tyler and President of Bishop Gorman Catholic School. Father Stoeppel replaces Rev. Anthony McLaughlin in these two positions.

Very Rev. Anthony Stoeppel, STD

Father Stoeppel, a native of Atlanta, Texas, was ordained a priest in 2011. He attended Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, Conn., and earned a doctorate of sacred theology in the field of bioethics last summer. As vicar general, he will serve with Very Rev. John Gomez, who continues in that position.

“I thank Father McLaughlin for his service in the posts of vicar general and president of Bishop Gorman. Father McLaughlin’s tenure in these offices has been a part of a valuable maturing process for the diocese in which we have achieved much,” said Bishop Strickland. “I am particularly grateful to Father McLaughlin for managing the changeover of the schools to the president-principal model and successfully recruiting our new principal. His reforms of the school will bring benefits to students for years to come. He is one of the most effective pastors and teachers in the diocese, and this change will allow me to make the best use of his talents in the place where they are most needed.”

“As we move forward as a diocese, I am pleased to welcome Father Stoeppel to the chancery team. Father Stoeppel will help us move forward in our maturing process as a diocese. His talents and experience will aid me greatly as we move to implement the Constitution on Teaching and grow the St. Philip Institute and Bishop Gorman Schools,” continued Bishop Strickland.

Bishop Strickland concluded, “As always, I ask the people of the diocese to please pray for all priests. These men dedicate their lives in service to God and are asked to take on many jobs in the course of their ministry. As Ven. Fulton Sheen said, ‘A priest is not his own.’ I am grateful to these good men who take up the Lord’s call to serve.”

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  1. Why are all of the comments opposing Father McLaughlin’s removal as vicar general of the diocese and President of T K Gorman school now removed?

  2. Dear Karen, I have removed the comments from this news story because I determined some of them to be unproductive and lacking in charity. I would refer those who are interested in this story to the letter that Bishop Strickland wrote to the Bishop Gorman community today. It can be found on the Bishop Gorman Facebook page. Anyone is free to call or write to the Bishop about this matter, but the comment section here is not the appropriate forum. Thank you and everyone for understanding – Peyton Low, Chancellor, Diocese of Tyler

  3. Thank you for your kind reply. This is called a “Comment Section”; therefore, I must disagree as to its appropriateness for my posting my comments, especially since my comments pertained to the story. Have a Blessed Day, Peyton.

  4. Michael E. Mahfood

    Chancellor Low,

    I want to personally thank you for your response of June 28th -to the needless negative comments on various social media platforms-to the TK Gorman and The Diocese personal changes. Sadly we are all seeing the uglier side of social media.

    I think it is imperative to note that for almost five years we have been fortunate to have Bishop Strickland as our Shepard. We have all followed him and his devotion to the Diocese. That devotion and his leadership has resulted in the uncommon growth and financial stability of the Diocese We were all content to allow him to guide us for that time yet -rarely if ever- posted a positive thankful comment on Facebook and other social media platforms.

    I do not know why Bishop Strickland made those changes but I do know him and that he is a kind and gentle man of God with only the finest thoughts and best intentions for our Diocese. I also very much care for Father McLaughlin and I am saddened to see him leave us-as I am certain he is sad to leave us.

    But, as for me and my family we are going to follow our Bishop and trust in his judgement as we have since the day he put on a collar some 30 plus years ago. This too will pass…

    Michael E. Mahfood

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