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Step by Step Process for a NEW computer needing to setup Qbooks RDP connection.

  1. Determine Qbooks server login password (e-mail: Jeff Little)
  2. Download and install the universal print driver
  3. Download the RDP connection (remote desktop protocol connection link) [This is a ZIP file, so save to your desktop. Unzip the file and drag and drop the RDP connection to your desktop.]
  4. If you'd like to create the RDP connection from scratch, click here

Your Default Printer does not show up in RDP session for Qbooks

For some time we have been using the PRINT-IT utility. With the upgrade in our server, this program was no longer being updated by the vendor to work with Windows 2008 Server so its use is no longer available. We are instead now using TSPRINT, another universal print driver. So far, this has been successful for getting the DEFAULT PRINTER to successfully print while in QuickBooks v14.
If your DEFAULT PRINTER is not showing up when you logon to the Qbooks Server, please verify that it is THE DEFAULT PRINTER. In the past, it did not have to be the DEFAULT PRINTER, however, as of 2013-November-16, your DEFAULT PRINTER is the only printer that Qbooks will see.
If, indeed, your printer is set to DEFAULT and it does NOT appear in Qbooks, please click one of the following links to update your Remote Desktop Connection program from Microsoft...

Windows XP users click here....
Windows Vista 32bit users click here....
Windows Vista 64bit users click here....
If you continue to have printing issues, please go back a page and look at printing related links.