Tips/Tools/Resources for discipleship

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We had an excellent gathering last week with 15 youth workers from around the diocese.  We discussed how relational ministry (building relationships) brings the focus on each individual student and their needs, not just the information we’re trying to teach.  We showed this quick clip to catch a glimpse of what discipleship can/should look like.

We also covered some excellent free resources you could use in your ministry.  Here are just a few: – blogs, videos, lessons and more – games, lessons, prayer, skits and more – Email/text/communications program is great for games and icebreakers – For sending  free & professional emails like these for video casts for finding scripture that matches your theme FREE curriculum, books, and more!

Author: Mark Knox

Mark has served as the Director of Youth Evangelization for the Diocese of Tyler since February of 2015. 903-266-2143

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