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Looking for a solid curriculum for your youth?  Don’t have the financial resources to purchase Lifeteen, Chosen, or any of the other programs out there?  Tired of using curriculum that offers teaching but no games, or activities to build relationships with your youth?  Look no further!

This is a work in progress, so let me know if it’s easy or difficult to use, and what would help make it better for you!  I’ll be working through the curriculum over the course of the year, I plan to move along ahead so you can also move further along with your planning.  Here are the themes for the semester.  Stay tuned for further info.

September Week 1 Community Opening Ceremonies  
To facilitate team building, and establish the beginning of something new, exciting and based on relationships.  This will be an opportunity to get to know each other, and possibly new students that haven’t been to anything yet.  This is an outreach event likely to bring new students and a chance to make new friends.
September Week 2 Teach Discipleship (the calling)  
To provide an understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  Why did the disciples leave their life to follow a stranger?  What was the mission they were called to when Jesus asked them to follow him?  How are you called to be a disciple of Jesus and what does that look like?  How have you been invited to become a disciple of Jesus?
September Week 3 Teach Made for this  
To explore How we are created in the image and likeness of God- Created for greatness and purpose.  We are made to be disciples, and are sinners in great need of a savior.  We have value just being a creation of God.  We all have gifts we should be using for Him – no gift is better – but we all have a different role to play in  the part of a greater plan.
October week 1 Prayer Brothers Keeper/Dignity  
Because each one of us has dignity, we should care for one another, protect one another, support and encourage one another.  We can have a personal relationship with Jesus, but to be Christian means to be in community with others.  Highlight of the beatitudes as a primary focus in our prayer.  How are others in need, and what can we do to provide support?
October week 2 Teach Trinity  
Who is the trinity, and how are the 3 persons/1 God in relationship?  To understand how the trinity operates in unity as 1 God, yet 3 separate persons in our everyday life – where can we recognize the 3 persons and how do we interact with them?
October Week 3 Teach Hearing  and Responding  
Discuss where, how, why and what God calls us to, and how we can and should actively respond to that call.  How are we listening and be attentive to that call?  What are some ways we know it’s God and not something/someone else trying to influence us?  What does it actually mean to discern the will of God, and to surrender our own?
October Week 4 Community Fear Factor  
A fun community building night that provides a spoof of the tv show “Fear Factor”.  Teambuilding challenges  that may be gross, surprising or funny!  This night will help students get to know one another in a fun way and interact with laughter.  This is an outreach event likely to bring new students and a chance to make new friends.
November Week 1 Teach Vocations/Sainthood  
To take a deeper look at the lives of the saints.  To understand how they were called just like everyone, but they chose to respond with passion, persistence and perseverance.  What does the church teach about sainthood, and how are we called to be saints
November week 2 Prayer Creed – I believe!  
A walk through of the Creed – to understand what we actually believe as Catholics, and how we can better share with others what we believe.  When was the creed written, who was it written by, and how long has it existed?  What do the words actually mean?
November Week 3 Service Local Service Project  
To participate as a group in a local service project, grow in relationship, and practice corporal
November Week 4 BREAK    
December Week 1 Teach Caretakers of the Earth  
To take a look at  – Pope Francis’ Encyclical about our stewardship to the earth. This includes dignity of all human persons, the use of resources  and the way we use our finances in combination with what we read in scripture and the catechism.
December Week 2 Prayer Rosary/Divine Mercy  
To learn how the rosary and divine mercy chaplet came about, why we pray them, what benefit it brings and how it brings us closer to Jesus.  Spending time actually praying these prayer forms.
December Week 3 Community Christmas Party  
Community building night that builds around the theme of Christmas.  This is an outreach event likely to bring new students and a chance to make new friends.
Author: Mark Knox

Mark has served as the Director of Youth Evangelization for the Diocese of Tyler since February of 2015. 903-266-2143

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