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Graduations are upon us!  As you may know, a high percentage of students leave for college and leave their faith.  If you know a college graduate, please have them fill out this form, and we’ll do some research, and connect them to a campus minister!  Now, to the purpose of the article…. As a youth minister, I was always asked this time of year, what a good graduation present might be.  So here’s my top 5 list!

#5 – Find out where they’re going to college and do a little research for them and creatively put it on a card so they can put it somewhere they’ll see it.  Here are some things to put on it…

-List of Catholic Churches with their mass times
– Campus ministry contact name, phone and email
-List of Catholic Campus  ministry retreats and their dates (maybe offer to pay for it if there is a fee)
-Get a list of groups or organizations at the church, and their contact info
-Go ahead and throw in a map of town, with some of the best restaurants and places to visit.

#4 – A good bible!

People will argue over which bible to get OR not have a clue which one to get.  Make sure you find a Catholic bible that doesn’t have any of the books removed.  My personal favorite is the St. Mary’s Press College Study Bible.
The Catholic Youth Bible is another great one.  If you’re looking for something in Spanish, I’ve heard great things about the La Biblia Catolica Para Jovenes.  There is also a BRAND NEW bible that just came out for African Americans!  You can find it here! 

CollegeStudyBible spanishbibleafericanAmericanbible

#3 – Catholic Verse Finder

It takes all the Catholic teachings and sticks a bible verse on it.  I love this thing!  You can find it in English and Spanish


#2 – A minute in the church or another small apologetics booklet

Gus Loyd has some great booklets that have short and easy to read explanations of church stuff.  Check them out here.
If you are looking for something like this in Spanish- here is a link of some other really good resources


#1 – My favorite book of all time!  The Catholicism Answer Book

This takes most Catholic teaching, and breaks it down into easy to read but more detailed explanations than “A minute in the Church”.  It’s written by theologically sound guys and is usually at the right level for a college student who may not know a whole lot of doctrine.  You can find it here or on in English.
If you’re looking for something in Spanish that’s like this, my top recommendation is going to be the Spanish Youcat.

CatholicAnswerBook YouCat


Author: Mark Knox

Mark has served as the Director of Youth Evangelization for the Diocese of Tyler since February of 2015. 903-266-2143

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