Youth Worker Retreat

For all catechists, youth group leaders, volunteers
January 9-10

Adventure Trip

March 5-10


Join Us for World Youth Day 2016

The Diocese of Tyler Office of Youth Evangelization is excited to announce that we will join Pope Francis and millions of young people from almost every nation on earth for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland.

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National Catholic Youth Conference

Set for November 19-21, 2015, in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Registration and more information coming soon.  To learn about NCYC, visit http://www.ncyc.info/.

Youth Ministry “Startup”

A few months back, I felt an incredibly strong call to work in youth ministry again – not just on the outside planning large diocesan events, but in the trenches working with teens and volunteers.  I started by visiting with the pastor and making sure there was support and approval.  After that, I began to…

RCYC – Region 10 Catholic Youth Conference

RCYC November 18-20, Beaumont, Texas COST:  $165 + Transportation Transportation will be arranged by each parish group   Download Registration Forms! DOWNLOAD POSTER #4 Registration-Individual #12 Youth Liability Waiver Permission Medical Consent – revised 4-14-16 #13 Adult Liability Waiver Medical Consent – revised 4-14-16 #14 Conduct-Youth #15 Conduct-Adult

Top 5 Graduation presents

Graduations are upon us!  As you may know, a high percentage of students leave for college and leave their faith.  If you know a college graduate, please have them fill out this form, and we’ll do some research, and connect them to a campus minister!  Now, to the purpose of the article…. As a youth…

Back To School Bash

Here are a few good ideas for kicking off your semester with a bang! Game/competition night    Conquer the Flag One of my favorite places for games and ideas…. The Source 4 YM Don’t forget to check out our diocesan kickoff night ideas! If you’re not finding what you need, give me a shout and…

Hipster Catholic Collage I recently ran across a funny blog post about “Top 5 signs you’re a hipster Catholic” and got a good laugh.  My good friend Edmund Mitchell has a sweet site called “Reverb Culture” which includes some great hipster pics, blogs, etc. and I’d like to give him the credit for this cool idea…

5 Tips for teaching/leading prayer

5 tips for teaching/leading prayer It’s so incredibly easy to “not pray” as a family or even as an individual.  You’re in a crowded restaurant, and your kids have already started eating, and BOY DO THEY NEED TO EAT!  They’ve been grumpy all day, and asking them to stop, wrangle them through the sign of…

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Leading Small Groups

View full newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/bmhTtL Working with a small group of teens isn’t always easy.  Here are some general tips to helping students grow as disciples in small groups… 1.  Let teaching be teaching and small groups be discussion and NOT a continuation of the teaching. 2.  80/20 – Teens should talk 80% of the…

Tips/Tools/Resources for discipleship

We had an excellent gathering last week with 15 youth workers from around the diocese.  We discussed how relational ministry (building relationships) brings the focus on each individual student and their needs, not just the information we’re trying to teach.  We showed this quick clip to catch a glimpse of what discipleship can/should look like….