Often when we think of mission work, we think of charitable work in other countries around the world. We don’t often think of serving those who are poor or in need in our own communities. This summer, parishioners from Sacred Heart in Nacogdoches and the surrounding Catholic community partnered with MissionNac to serve those in need in their own Catholic community. 

MissionNac is a ministry in Nacogdoches that strives to inspire Christians of all denominations to come together as a community to serve those in need, for the betterment of the city of Nacogdoches and ultimately for the glory of God. Each summer MissionNac organizes service projects to serve those in need in the Nacogdoches community. 

This year was the third year Catholic Nacogdoches has partnered with MissionNac to support parishioners in need. Catholic Nacogdoches consists of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Mary’s Catholic Campus Ministry in Nacogdoches, Immaculate Conception in Moral and Our Lady of Lourdes in Chireno.

Parishioners from Catholic Nacogdoches painting the roof with a roof coating.

Mike Kelly, a parishioner at Sacred Heart, has been involved in the program for all three years. He explains that over these three years, they have been able to serve 13 families from their parish by providing necessary repairs to their homes. Oftentimes families with limited income struggle to keep up with or even make repairs on their homes. By partnering with MissionNac, the Catholic community in Nacogdoches is able to make sure their parishioners get the repairs needed for their homes.  

Kelly pointed out that partnering with MissionNac is what brings everything together. MissionNac screens the families, making sure they are individuals in real need. MissionNac also raises the funds for the projects and provides the supplies. Catholic Nacogdoches pitches in by bringing the volunteers necessary to complete the project. 

In the past, Catholic Nacogdoches has taken on multiple projects. This year, they committed themselves to one house project that required more work and attention, helping a family that are parishioners at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Nacogdoches. 

Kelly, reflecting on past projects, says this year’s project was similar to other projects they’ve worked on. He explains, “You look at it and the house is in bad shape and you’re not sure where to start or stop. You go into it with a little doubt to do good. It’s close to a miracle that we are able to do so much good in four days.”   

Before picture.

Here are some of the repairs they make this year:

  • Repaired termite damage under the house.
  • Replaced the front and back doors and frames as well as any rotting wood around the doors.
  • Built a front porch.
  • Painted the roof with a roof coating.
  • Cleaned and painted the whole house.
  • Replaced the window shutters. 
  • Cleaned the yard and provided landscaping.

This project took four days to complete. Over the course of those four days, 20 volunteers from Catholic Nacogdoches came to help and support. 

After picture.

Catholic Nacogdoches plans to continue to participate in MissionNac each summer with a particular focus on helping people from their parish community. 

To learn more about MissionNac or to support their ministry visit www.missionnac.com.