Diocesan Tribunal

Administration of Justice for God's Holy People

A Tribunal is established in each diocese by the bishop to assist him in carrying out his responsibility as shepherd of the local Christian community which has been entrusted to him (cc. 369, 1419). As the judicial arm of the bishop, the diocesan tribunal cooperates in his ministry of furthering the supreme law of the Church – the salvation of souls (c. 1752).

The Tribunal interprets and applies the laws of the Church in the protection and vindication of rights as well as the determination of the status of persons in the Church. Although the majority of its work is resolving questions of marital invalidity, the Tribunal may deal with other sacramental matters as well. Tribunal staff members are available to answer questions or to give presentations on the law as it applies to the life of the Church and her members.

The diocesan bishop appoints a judicial vicar to oversee the operation of the tribunal (c. 1420). This individual must be a priest with a degree in canon law. Other qualified individuals, both cleric and lay, are appointed by the bishop to serve as judges, defenders of the bond, auditors, assessors, advocates and notaries in order to process petitions requesting a declaration of invalidity. The entire judicial process is specified in Book VII of the Code of Canon Law, as are the qualifications for various positions (cc. 1400-1707).

One of the roles of the Tribunal is to examine whether or not a marriage was a valid bond. If it was between two baptized persons, we examine the facts to discover if the marriage was a valid sacrament. The tribunal staff includes men and women of all ages and states of life. Advocates assist those who want to submit a petition of invalidity to the tribunal. The director ensures that the process moves along in an expeditious manner.

The judges look at the Church’s marriage law in relation to the concrete circumstances of two persons who exchanged consent to marriage. The judicial vicar administers the Tribunal in the name of the bishop. All of the personnel of the tribunal are appointed by the bishop.

Should a person want to question the validity of his or her previous marriage/s, he or she works with an advocate to prepare a case to submit to the tribunal. A first step is to complete a preliminary questionnaire offering basic information about the marriage/s in question.

Next, the tribunal officers determine which process will be used to resolve each case. Each process is distinct. For this reason, the tribunal can never provide a certain time frame within which the case will be decided. There is no way of knowing for sure how long each case will take. Should you desire to inquire about a declaration of invalidity, please contact your parish priest, an advocate or the tribunal for more information.

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Cana Project

The Cana Project is an outreach to couples who seek a Holy Marriage, but who need help entering into a genuine sacramental marriage.

Tribunal Processes and Forms

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All forms are available in Microsoft Word format or as PDFs. Save the form you need to your computer and complete.  Adobe Acrobat may be required to complete forms.  Completed forms can be scanned and e-mailed to tribunal@dioceseoftyler.org or mailed to: Diocesan Tribunal, 1015 E. Southeast Loop 323, Tyler, Texas 75701.

You can check on the status of a case by contacting tribunal@dioceseoftyler.org.


Formal Case Petition (MS Word | PDF)
Lack of Canonical Form (MS Word | PDF)
Ligamen Form (Prior Bond) (MS Word | PDF)
Radical Sanation Form (MS Word | PDF)
Pauline Privilege Form (MS Word | PDF)
Petrine Privilege Form (MS Word | PDF)
Ratified & Non-Consummated Form (MS Word | PDF)
Marriage Preparation Packet (PDF)

Please download and complete the forms in Word format. If you send this form electronically you need to scan your signature; otherwise, sign and send it by regular mail.


Peticion Para un Caso Formal (MS Word |PDF)
Falta de Forma Canonica (MS Word | PDF)
Ligamen (Vinculo Previo) (MS Word | PDF)
Sanación en Raíz (MS Word | PDF)
Privilego Paulino (MS Word | PDF)
Privilego Petrino (MS Word | PDF)
Matrimonio Rato y No Consumado (MS Word | PDF)
Paquete de preparación matrimonial (PDF)

Por favor descargue y complete las formas en el formato Word. Si envía esta forma electrónicamente necesita escanear su firma; de lo contrario, fírmela y envíela por correo regular.

Tribunal Staff

Campos, Delia

Campos, Delia

Tribunal Administrator

(903) 534-1077 x140
Noriega, Dyana

Noriega, Dyana

Tribunal Secretary

(903) 534-1077 x172
Rasaian, Lawrence (Fr.)

Rasaian, Lawrence (Fr.)

Judicial Vicar

(903) 534-1077 x172
Rowland, James (Fr.)

Rowland, James (Fr.)

Tribunal Judge

(903) 534-1077 x174
Vaverek, Gavin (Fr.)

Vaverek, Gavin (Fr.)

Defender of the Bond

(903) 534-1077 x187