Our Deacons

Deacons of the Diocese of Tyler

Permanent Deacons are ordained ministers who take the spirit and message of Jesus to the world. Deacons give gives generously of their time, energy and talents to others, especially the poor. Each deacon’s ministry varies. Some reach out to the sick, those in prison, the homeless. A deacon proclaims the gospel and preaches. He conducts liturgical services including Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. For more information, see our permanent deacons page.

Federico Aguilar – St. John the Evangelist-Emory
Martin Aguilar – St. Patrick-Lufkin
Magdaleno Aguirre – St. Joseph-Marshall
Fred Arrambidez – Cathedral-Tyler
Luis Baca – Sacred Heart-Nacogdoches
Larry Bate – St. William of Vercelli-Carthage
Lawrence Benzmiller – Sacred Heart-Texarkana
Jerry Besze – St. James-Sulphur Springs
Joseph Bianca – St. Matthew-Longview
Shaun Black – St. Peter Claver-Tyler
Clarence Blalock – Prince of Peace-Whitehouse
Guylan Blasingame – St. Francis of Assisi-Gilmer
James Boland – Diocese of Dallas
Donald Brown – Dicoese of Fort Worth
James Burkel – St. Therese-Canton
Juan Cazares – St. Jude-Gun Barrel City
Alejandro Cisneros – Christ the King-Kilgore
Abelino Cordero – St. Patrick-Lufkin
Rufino Cortez – Cathedral-Tyler
Steven Curry – Cathedral-Tyler
John D’Antoni – St. Matthew-Longview
Scott Daniel – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
David Darby – St. Mary Campus-Nacogdoches
Larry Edwards – St. Therese-Canton
John Erdag – Holy Spirit-Holly Lake Ranch
Marcellino Espinosa – St. John the Evangelist-Emory
William Faber – St. Peter the Apostle-Mineola
Jon Fadely – St. Therese-Canton
David Finch – Diocese of Fort Worth
William Flores – St. Celestine-Grand Saline
Martin Flynn – Sacred Heart-Palestine
Martin Garcia – Sacred Heart-Palestine
Luis Garza – Our Lady of Victory-Paris
Gary Giese – Sacred Heart-Nacogdoches
Pedro Gonzales – Our Lady of Guadalupe-Nacogdoches
Joel Gonzalez – St. Matthew-Longview
Juan Gonzalez – St. William of Vercelli-Carthage
Ramon Gonzalez – St. Peter Claver-Tyler
Larry Gottschalk – St. Charles Borromeo-Frankston
Jose Hernandez – Diocese of Fort Worth
Luis Hernandez – St. Matthew-Longview
Ken Horn – St. Pius I-Hemphill
Lino Huerta – St. Jude-Henderson
Mariano Ibanez – Our Lady of Guadalupe-Nacogdoches
Dennis King – St. Mary Magdalene-Flint
Rafael Landeros – St. Patrick-Lufkin
Burke Landry – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton-Madisonville
Craig Lashford – Sacred Heart-Texarkana
Richard Lawrence – Archdiocese of San Antonio
Ronald LeFors – Sacred Heart-Texarkana
Francisco Lopez – St. Matthew-Longview
Leonard Luscomb – Diocese of Grand Rapids
Lorenzo Martinez – St. Michael-Mt. Pleasant
Ramiro Martinez – Cathedral-Tyler
Juan Mijares – St. Patrick-Lufkin
Jose Mireles – San Pedro the Fisherman-Tatum
Sam Mullen – Holy Spirit-Holly Lake Ranch
Ruben Natera – Prince of Peace-Whitehouse
Bill Necessary – Cathedral-Tyler
William O’Brien – St. James-Sulphur Springs
Stephen Ondrick – St. Anthony-Longview
Felipe Pena – St. Joseph-Marshall
James Petkovsek – St. Mary-Longview
Nelson Petzold – Diocese of Fort Worth
Allen Prendergast – St. Ann-Winnsboro
John Ragland – St. Boniface-Chandler
Manuel Ramos – St. Patrick-Lufkin
Edilberto Reyes – St. Luke-Wills Point
Jesus Reyes – St. Andrew the Apostle-Lufkin
Robert Rhodes – Our Lady of Grace-Hallsville
Gonzalo Rojas – St. Anthony-Longview
Daniel Rose – Sacred Heart-Palestine
Jack Rounds – Diocese of Cheyenne
Gregorio Sanchez – St. Anthony-Longview
Isidro Sanchez – Christ the King-Kilgore
John Sargent – St. Joseph-Marshall
John Shaffer – St. Patrick-Lufkin
Librado Sosa – Sacred Heart-Nacogdoches
Alan Stehsel – St. Therese-Canton
Santiago Suarez – St. Joseph-Marshall
Steve Summers – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton-Madisonville
Richard Sykora – St. Jude-Gun Barrel City
Jose Tiscareno – Our Lady of Guadalupe-Tyler
Juventino Torres – Our Lady of Sorrows-Jacksonville
Gary Trevino – St. Andrew the Apostle-Lufkin
Raymond Vann – St. Patrick-Lufkin
Manuel Villalobos – St. Anthony-Longview
Tony Weatherford – Sacred Heart-Nacogdoches
Trevor Wells – St. Mary-Longview
Hal Williams – Cathedral-Tyler
Vincent James Wilson – St. Mary-Longview
Trevor Wells – St. Mary-Longview
Hal Williams – Cathedral-Tyler
Vincent James Wilson – St. Mary-Longview