Permanent Diaconate

Ministers of the Word, Altar, and Charity

Founded to assist the bishops and priests in service of God and the faithful, deacons maintain a life of prayer and humble service, always ready to respond to the pastoral demands of their parish and diocese. In the Diocese of Tyler, following the directives of Bishop Joseph Strickland, deacons engage in an ongoing process of formation, suited to the needs of the Church in East Texas. As Bishop Strickland has set forth in his Constitution on Teaching, the Church in East Texas needs to learn the Catholic faith, so deacons must be teachers. The Program of Continuing Formation for Deacons focuses on developing the spirituality and skills of our current permanent deacons in a variety of areas, most especially directed toward knowing and teaching the liturgy, the doctrine of the Church, and the moral life. 

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Permanent deacons may be married men, provided they are over the age of 35. See our flyer here for more information.

Permanent Deacons Staff

Dcn. Fred Arrambidez

Dcn. Fred Arrambidez

Moderator of Deacons

(903) 534-1077 x138