The Catholic Diocese of Tyler

Priests for Tomorrow

Teachers of Truth

Prayer for the Campaign

Almighty and ever-loving God
We thank You for the gift of Diocesan Priests
Men who dedicate their lives to your service,
To teach Your Truth,
And to shepherd us closer to You.
May we always have men who answer Your call,
Inspire in Your people generous hearts
To provide for their education,
And to support them in their formative years.
May each member of The Diocese of Tyler
Be filled with a sacrificial spirit to support
The Priest of Tomorrow
Watch over the Diocese in this campaign,
Give us joy in serving You and Your Church
Now and forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Priests for Tomorrow: Teachers of Truth?

Priests for Tomorrow: Teachers of Truth is a one-time capital endowment campaign to raise a minimum of $15 million in gifts and pledges for the Diocese of Tyler Seminarian Endowment and for local parish needs

How will the Priests for Tomorrow Campaign affect the Bishop’s Annual Appeal?

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal (BAA) will remain the vital source of day-to-day funding for the many ministries of the Diocese. Every Catholic will be asked to continue to generously support the BAA in their usual manner.

Priests for Tomorrow is a one-time extraordinary effort to ensure a permanent source of funding for seminarian formation. A $10 million investment in the Seminarian Endowment will provide us with the opportunity to double the number of seminarians we can form at any time. This will allow us to maintain the current number of priests serving in our diocese. Your sacrificial commitment to this cause will provide the initial investment needed to make this exciting future a reality.

Will my parish conduct the Bishop’s Annual Appeal (BAA) during the Priests for Tomorrow Campaign?

Yes, the BAA will continue to be conducted in all parishes during the Priests for Tomorrow Campaign. The BAA provides the immediate funds needed to take care for our retired and sick priests, support our college students, form our couples, teach our children and more.

How will the campaign help local parishes?

We all belong to one local East Texas Church. Central to this effort is ensuring that parishes are strong, vibrant communities and centers to teach the Catholic Faith. Priests for Tomorrow seeks to assist parishes in responding to their own needs. Thirty percent of funds raised by a parish for the campaign will remain with that parish. These funds will be used for specific parish projects as published in each personal request packet. Once a parish meets its goal, 70% of any additional funds raised will remain with that parish.

Is the Parish Goal an Assessment?

No, the campaign goal is not an assessment. Every parish is asked to make a good faith effort in implementing the campaign, and follow the plan as designed by the Campaign Office.

Who will be asked to participate in the Priests for Tomorrow Campaign?

Every Catholic household, in every parish in the Diocese of Tyler, will be asked to prayerfully consider a financial pledge.

How will the Priests for tomorrow Campaign affect my parish’s offertory?

In the short term, the offertory giving is expected to remain constant. Throughout the campaign, parishioners will be asked as good stewards to give above and beyond their regular giving. This campaign is not intended to deter parishioners from their regular offertory giving. In the long term, campaigns generally lead to higher offertory collections because parishioners are encouraged to embrace stewardship as a way of life in loving service – sharing and giving the first fruits of our labor.

Why does my request letter ask for a specific amount?

In order to reach the necessary $15 million, a gift amount is suggested in search of equal sacrifice above equal gifts. Prayerful consideration of your pledge should be planned, proportionate, and sacrificial. No judgment is made on the level of gift you or others will make.

Why emphasize pledges?

The Priests for Tomorrow Campaign emphasizes pledging because it allows individuals and families to have greater giving power towards the pressing need. The impact is greater when households have faith that the Lord will provide them with a path to continue giving over a five year pledge period. This is important in a campaign of this magnitude.

How can I be sure my pledge goes to support the components outlined in the case for support?

The Diocese has both a moral and legal obligations to restrict the funds for the stated elements. The funds raised for the campaign will be used exclusively for the named case elements. These funds are protected.

Why is each donor asked to complete a pledge card?

A donor is asked to complete a pledge card so that the gift may be appropriately recorded and acknowledged by the Diocese. A pledged card is not a legally binding document.

Why is an initial payment requested? Is it required?

The Priests for Tomorrow Campaign asks for an initial payment to begin a pledge. It helps the campaign immediately by addressing the needs of our seminarians and parishes. Many donors prefer to begin their pledges immediately; some may even give more than the requested 10%. However, an initial payment of 10% is not required, and a donor may elect to give less initially or delay the payment start date.

How will individual pledge commitments be collected?

Pledge commitments and initial payments will be collected at the parish level. The Campaign Office will send regular reminders based on a donor’s preference and manage payments over the five year period. Checks, credit cards, EFT, or stock gifts are accepted. Credit card and EFT payments are encouraged to save on postage.

Are gifts to the Priests for Tomorrow Campaign Tax Deductible?

Yes, gifts to the campaign are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The application of such laws varies with individual financial circumstances. Parishioners with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their attorney or tax preparer.