By Abby Murrane

Every year the Diocese of Tyler, through the leadership of Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, participates in the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. The intention behind an annual appeal is to encourage the diocesan family to make a contribution for the ministries and support programs for the diocese. Through the years the Diocese of Tyler has provided assistance to Catholic Charities, tuition assistance for our seminarians, and so much more. The 2021 Bishop’s Annual Appeal is dedicated to Fostering the Mission; a mission that St. Joseph exemplified in caring for and teaching Jesus. Our mission as a diocese is to help our children become saints. To accomplish this, we are called to foster the ideals of purpose, responsibility, and hope demonstrated by our actions and generosity.

Purpose: As a diocesan family, we focus on caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, defending the weak, and growing this custom in more of our households.

Responsibility: Teaching the truth is vital to a generation so unsure of who to trust. We need to take the lead in unapologetically teaching the truths of the Catholic Faith.

Hope: The Holy Spirit will guide us. He guides men discerning the priesthood, couples entering and living out holy marriages, protecting, baptizing and teaching all children of God.

Although 2021 has proven to be more unknown than previous years, the Office of Stewardship and Development assisted the Bishop in successfully driving this year’s Annual Appeal. The Diocese of Tyler regularly reaches its goal, but the timeline typically puts this achievement at the end of the year. Through the dedication of clergy and many generous donations from parishioners, the diocese has reached 99% of its minimum $2.3 million goal six months ahead of schedule with the projection of surpassing 100% of the goal by November 2021. Out of the 73 parishes participating in the Appeal, 39 have surpassed their goal and 8 are at 90-99% of their goal. With only four months remaining this year, the diocese has $28,587.57 left to reach the final goal. 

Some may wonder how this is possible after a year of trials for many of our diocesan families. Bishop Strickland stated that the continuous success of the appeal would not be possible without the priests and lay coordinators that run the appeal in each parish. Each parish has demonstrated strength and determination throughout the year. Bishop Strickland also expressed his profound gratitude for the generosity and prayers of the parishioners that have made it possible to support the future of the diocese. Although not every family has been able to participate this year, their continued prayers and support have led us to this point. 

If you would like to make a pledge or one-time gift for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, please call Abby Murrane at (903) 534-1077 x196. If you would like to make your contribution online, please scan the QR code below or click: HERE. Updates on the Bishop’s Annual Appeal can be found in the Office of Stewardship and Development E-Newsletter. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please email