A new Bible study from the St. Philip Institute is now available for pre-order!

From the Beginning is a 47-day tour through the Bible. Following the big picture of Salvation History, readers will begin in the Book of Genesis and arrive at the Resurrection of Jesus on day 47. Perfect for Lenten reflection, this book will help introduce the major themes of the Bible: creation, covenant, and redemption. Join Dr. Luke Arredondo, Director of Faith Formation, as he offers daily reflections on the Scriptures to help you understand the way God’s saving plan fits together, and how it still matters for us today. 

“Dr. Luke skillfully assists in recognizing that through the pilgrimage of God’s people in the Word of God, we will come to see our own pilgrimage toward the Lord more clearly. It is a joy to encourage you to embrace this spiritual guide to enrich your own spiritual life, and I encourage you to invite others to join you.” – Bishop Joseph Strickland 

Pre-order From the Beginning here.