As Christians, we are called to guard and protect the dignity of the human person. This can take many shapes and forms, from praying in front of an abortion clinic to caring for the sick and elderly. 

In the Diocese of Tyler, we are blessed with many different ministries that work to uphold the dignity of the human person in the various states of life we find ourselves in. One ministry that seeks to promote a culture of life in the Tyler area is Living Alternatives.

Living Alternatives has 8 programs, and 4 locations, all with one mission. They are a biblically based ministry that affirms the value of the unborn by continuing support for growth, development and stability for women and families. Four of Living Alternatives’ programs are housed in the AXIA Center located at 1003 S Baxter Ave. in Tyler. 

AXIA is considered the front door of Living Alternatives. All of AXIA’s services are free and include pregnancy testing, options counseling, ultrasounds, follow up, parenting mentorship, childbirth classes, fatherhood classes, and a shop with material goods for moms and babies. 

AXIA is a Greek word meaning value, worth, and dignity. Living Alternatives has the privilege of showing everyone who comes through their doors that their value, worth, and dignity have nothing to do with their circumstances, and everything to do with their Creator. Their greatest hope is that every client they see would have a greater understanding of God’s love for them.

Living Alternatives is always looking for volunteers with a heart to serve. Volunteers are needed in the pregnancy resource center to support and love girls who find themselves in difficult circumstances. They are also in need of moms who would like to mentor other moms on how to care for their children and be ministers of God’s love to them. 

If you would like more information about our different programs and volunteer opportunities, please visit our website: