Baptism Formation

Discover the Sacrament that brings us into God’s family.

The Way of the Holy Family


Our Baptism formation program, The Way of the Holy Family, includes printed materials and booklets, downloadable forms (also available for purchase), and pre-baptism and post-baptism video components. The Way of the Holy Family is the standard program for Baptism formation the Diocese of Tyler. All of the materials are available in English and Spanish.

How it works

Step 1: Family contacts parish requesting Baptism. Parents are given the Holy Family Novena to begin praying as they prepare for the baptism of their child.

Step 2: The parish baptism catechist/coordinator has an individual interview with the family.

Step 3: The family attends a baptism seminar.

Step 4: The family attends the baptism of their child.

Step 5: The family is invited to on-going formation.

Baptism Novena (PDF)

As we invite families to baptism, they should be encouraged to pray the Novena to the Holy Family. Christ was born to a human family, and in a vey real way, our families are called to be a domestic church. This all starts with family prayer.


Baptism Forms (PDF)

Download free reproducible forms for basic baptism information, recommendations for godparents, how to choose a good Christian name, and more!


The Way of the Holy Family

Pre-Batptism Videos

These videos explain why Catholics baptize their babies and why everyone needs the grace of Baptism.

The Way of the Holy Family

Post-baptism Videos

Congratulations on the Baptism of your child! We invite you to continue your formation over the next several weeks as you enter into the deeper mystery of baptism. Our call as parents and godparents continues well beyond the baptism into the life and formation of the child.